Criteo Brings Criteo Audience Match To MENA

As the next step in its journey to build a high performing and open commerce marketing ecosystem, Criteo has further bolstered its Criteo Commerce Marketing Ecosystem (CME).

Launched in August 2017, CME is a network of tens of thousands of retailers, brands, publishers, centered on integrated marketing technology, built for commerce and powered by machine learning. Criteo has introduced two new solutions to its Commerce Marketing Ecosystem — Criteo Audience Match and Criteo Customer Acquisition, of which the latter is yet to be rolled out in MENA markets.

In a world where shoppers are extremely demanding and volatile, retailers and brands must deliver seamless and relevant shopping experiences across all devices and channels, and at all stages of the journey. This has introduced a new battleground, where the likes of Amazon and Alibaba have a head start on how to organize and apply data at scale to understand the shopper, reach them, and inspire them to buy. In a sense, Criteo is leveling the playing field by opening up an ecosystem that enables retailers and brands who participate to benefit from a much broader data set and more intelligent technology than they could acquire or develop on their own.

“Collaboration in an open ecosystem levels the playing field and paves the way for commerce companies to shape their future. We have developed Criteo Commerce Marketing Ecosystem to unleash the value of collaboration and the power of data to all who participate. The addition of Criteo Audience Match and Criteo Customer Acquisition delivers a robust suite of commerce marketing solutions to support the full shopper journey online and offline,” said Patrick Wyatt, Senior Vice President, Product Management at Criteo.

Criteo Audience Match is a flexible way to both reach new and re-engage existing customers. Re-engaging shoppers in their customer base with relevant product messages is an easy win for advertisers but how to reach them is an ongoing dilemma. Existing paid display solutions that use CRM data often fall short, suffering from poor online match rates and with limited inventory reach outside of the online walled gardens.

Using CRM or DMP data to accurately target audiences across web, mobile browser and apps, Criteo Audience Match provides marketers with a new way to re-engage their customer base with broad-reaching, paid display campaigns. “With its high match rate and extensive publisher reach across all devices, Criteo Audience Match was the perfect solution to deliver on our audience re-engagement objectives,” said Nathalie Dufayet, Traffic Manager, La Redoute.

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