#OnTheCouchWith The Future Of Creativity: Dubai Lynx

By James Welch & Gilles G Vidal, #onthecouchwith
Creativity is not always explicit, so they say. Certainly, it’s implicit in many things around us here in the UAE. This is the place where creative things really happen. Ask Elon Musk about why we can implement the Hyperloop here and not in California.

We will have a conversation with two people — Philippe Blanchard, Special Advisor, Expo2020 Dubai and PK Gulati, Senior Advisor, Dubai Future Foundation — who are close to the creative development of Dubai, happening here and now, building the future.

From the quotes that you can review on our YouTube channel, you will agree there is so much to learn from these experienced people who look to today’s creative, inspired youth.

We need to learn from those who are using tech today to build the UAE. Making it a part of the everyday. We can all be drivers of creative change in this small city that punches above its weight.

We will flip between ideas, just as start ups do. We will “fail fast”. We will improvise. All on camera. All #onthecouchwith Philippe Blanchard and PK Gulati.

But most importantly on March 5, 2017, we will ask your questions. Please tweet or email in your questions using any of the handles @arabianmktr @onthecouch_with; please use #onthecouchwith for all and any questions! Thanks.

The session #OnTheCouchWith the thought leaders by ORCHESTRA + WOW will take place today at 2.00 PM on the Data x Innovation x Tech Stage at the Dubai Lynx International Festival of Creativity.

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