Oracle’s New AI-Powered Bots Aim To Engage Customers, Employees

Oracle Mobile Cloud has added artificial intelligence (AI)-powered intelligent chatbot capabilities. Expanding Oracle Cloud Platform’s mobile portfolio, the new capabilities offer organizations a multi-channel platform, deep analytics that can link key stakeholder experiences across bots, mobile applications and web, as well as simplified bot development features.

In the rapidly expanding mobile economy, businesses are looking for smart and personalized ways to engage with customers via mobile devices. With an estimated 5 billion mobile phones used worldwide, Oracle is looking to help enterprises meet growing customer demand by being able to build, integrate, and secure reliable mobile services.

“As user behavior has dramatically shifted to mobile and messaging platforms, it is critical enterprises evolve to support stakeholders’ preferred channels. By using Oracle Mobile Cloud, businesses will be able to continue strengthening these relationships, even as users might be moving away from engaging on websites and traditional mobile applications to messaging channels,” said Amit Zavery, Senior Vice President, Product Development, Oracle Cloud Platform.

Leveraging an AI foundation comprising machine learning, cognitive and knowledge services, dialog and context, and deep learning, the updated Oracle Mobile Cloud enables enterprises to build applications that can automate more engaging conversations at scale.

Oracle has also made it simple for enterprises to develop bots with the low-code Bot Builder tool.

Oracle’s intelligent bots can support several channels including messaging clients such as Facebook Messenger, Kik, Skype, Slack, and digital voice assistants such as Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot and GoogleHome. Additionally, Oracle’s intelligent bots provide native and JavaScript SDK to extend mobile and web-based applications with chat and voice capabilities via Apple Siri, GoogleVoice or Microsoft Cortana.

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