As Part Of Global Expansion, Arab News Begins Pakistan Edition

Arab News has launched a Pakistan online edition, as part of the newspaper’s ongoing global and digital expansion. The service — available in English — covers news and views from Pakistan and the wider region, with a special focus on Islamabad’s ties with Saudi Arabia and the Arab world.

It is updated daily by a multimedia news-gathering team led by journalist Baker Atyani, the head of Arab News’ Southeast Asia bureau.

The initiative is the first of a series of country-specific online editions that the newspaper is planning to launch, and is part of the brand’s ‘more digital, more global’ strategy that it embarked on in 2017.

Faisal J. Abbas, the editor-in-chief of Arab News, said that the new service aims to develop “a two-way conversation with an extremely important target market”, citing the strategic significance of Pakistan and the historic ties it shares with Saudi Arabia and the Middle East in general.

“Arab News is already a recognizable brand among many Pakistanis, given its deeply-rooted relationship with the huge expat community in Saudi Arabia, where our newspaper was founded in 1975,” he said.

“There are numerous shared ambitions, opportunities and areas of common interest between Pakistan and Arab countries — from religion and culture, to defense and trade ties. All of these areas will be covered extensively by our new dedicated digital service,” added Mr Abbas.

Mr Atyani explained that the site would help throw light on a part of Asia which is not always well-understood by English-speaking audiences. “It is an honor and a big responsibility to be handling this exciting project for Arab News. It is a natural extension for an already influential brand into a geographic area which is extremely important and badly misunderstood,” he said.

Arab News is part of the regional publishing giant Saudi Research and Marketing Group (SRMG).

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