Baroque MENA’s ‘Local Heroes’

When creative production company, Baroque MENA, was approached by Publicis Milano to create a campaign around ‘Local Heroes’ the agency knew that its concept had to be extraordinary. It zeroed in on the overriding philosophy that it is local heroes who shape the world around us, but rarely is this recognized.

The small village of Fuececchio near Florence was identified. A community built by the people who inhabit it, but where the roads are named after distant figures as irrelevant to the streets as John Lennon and Sigmund Freud. Baroque set out to fundamentally change this by using technology to bring a genuine real human touch to the town.

Developing a Google Street View driven responsive microsite, Baroque gave the people of Fuececchio the ability to rename their roads after real, relevant local heroes. This created a H2H (Human to Human) connection between the Municipality and the 23,496 residents of Fuececchio with the support of Alessio Spinelli, the Mayor.

The project was launched with a video posted on social media and the Municipality’s own media channels with the heartfelt involvement of the local press and TV. Despite a zero budget media spend, the campaign spread immediately through the area through the support of its own population. The microsite was visited by over 80 percent of the town’s citizens and 22 million media impressions were generated in just over two weeks.

Via the website, stories were told and shared of local heroes and their daily endeavors for their fellow humans. Images, videos and tales were shared in conjunction with the street name chosen for Google maps. Heroes were shortlisted for the streets and on the 22nd of April the old signs came down and were replaced by people who have given their lives to the community – and now the community will remember them always.

With the success of the campaign, a further 23 small towns nearby have requested to join the scheme.


Client: Comune di Fucecchio
Agency:Publicis Italy
Executive Creative Director: Bruno Bertelli
Executive Creative Director: Cristiana Boccassini
Creative Director & Art Director: Giovanni Settesoldi
Creative Director & Copy: Cristiano Tonnarelli
Digital Creative Director: Massimo Guerci
Copywriter: Albertina Coacci
Digital Art Director: Dario Citriniti
Account Supervisor: Filippo D’Andrea
Digital Project Manager: Vittorio Cafiero
Agency Producer: Maria Vittoria Ceresoli
Agency Producer: Jonathan Grassi

Video and Photo production
DEA Production
Director: Davide Agosta
Director: Riccardo Paoletti
Photographer: Luca Palatrasi
Editor: Roberto De Vita
Editor: Romina Bagatin

Digital Production Company
Baroque Worldwide | Creation + Production
Ali Mansoor – CEO & Executive Producer
Kerem Iseri – Digital Producer
Baroque Design and Development Team

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