Data Point: 1 In 4 Luxury Fashion Buyers Post Online About Fashion

With 41 percent of luxury fashion buyers saying that consumer reviews are influential over their purchases, Global Web Index takes a look at the factors most likely to drive advocacy among this audience.

It’s a quarter of luxury fashion buyers who have posted something online relating to fashion or clothing in the last month. Above all, high-quality products are the biggest motivator for this behavior.

Nevertheless, there’s a healthy 44 percent who would do so out of simple love for the brand, and a similar figure who would in exchange for rewards like future discounts.

Smaller but still important scores for becoming an advocate when there is a one-to-one relationship with the brand (one in five) and when there’s been great customer service (one in three). And while it’s under a fifth who say they would promote a brand if it enhances their online reputation or status that does make luxury fashion buyers over 1.5 times more likely than the average internet user to say this.

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