Havas Partners With FB Atlas For ‘People-Based Marketing’

Atlas Havas
Atlas Havas

In a move that will boost future prospects for both Havas Media Group and Facebook Atlas in context to pushing the boundaries of ‘people-based marketing’, the two companies have entered into a global partnership that will allow Havas Media Group’s client base to reach people across devices.

The offering rolls out first in the US and Western Europe and will make its way to the Middle East in the third quarter of this year, before opening up in Latin America.

The deal is on similar lines that Facebook Atlas has with Omnicom Media Group but it is understood that Havas Media Group intends to bring significant scale to the deal. FB Altas will connect with Havas Media Group’s Artemis data platform giving clients the opportunity to track all interactions that people have with a brand up to, and beyond, the point of purchase, as they experience a variety of brand messages across all media.

“Havas Media Group has spent the last 15 years investing in market leading, data driven solutions through Artemis its proprietary data platform. This partnership, coupled with our clients’ data, will enable us to find out how people are interacting with brands and then purchasing products as they travel across devices,” commented Dominique Delport, Global Managing Director at Havas Media Group.

Havas Media Group has been working with the Atlas team since June 2014 and now expects to analyze data beyond previously limiting cookie based offers.

“It will allow us to filter, clean and manage data with unprecedented granularity. This relationship with Atlas, including our participation as a member of the Atlas Product Council, will enable us to offer best in class, tech neutral solutions for our clients,” Mr Delport added.

“This is a great step for Atlas and Havas Media Group, bringing the power of people based marketing to more brands in more countries. Havas Media Group has been a supporter of our approach that helps brands reach real people across devices and publishers. The geographical focus and depth of potential client absorption, makes this partnership significant for the industry,” said Erik Johnson, Director, Atlas.

Amongst the first global brands that will see the implementation of Atlas in their campaigns are likely to include Emirates, Hyundai Motor Group and Coca-Cola.

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